New England Artificial Intelligence Meetup

by Larry Spencer Friday, January 20, 2012 9:00 AM

What a blast I had at the first meeting of the New England Artificial Intelligence Meetup! Where else can you sit at a table and talk with

  • A man who is investigating "new physics and the mind";
  • A man who is starting a company that will apply AI to healthcare;
  • A man who applies AI techniques in order to forecast stock prices;
  • A man who applies AI to robotics;
  • A student who is entering a contest to find the best AI solution to a strategy game;
  • A father-son duo whose startup uses AI to predict the outcomes of evolutionary processes;
  • And even a fellow guitarist.

I was so enthusiatic about the whole thing that I offered to help organize the next meeting, and now I find myself in the position of Assistant Organizer. (Just as long as I'm not Assistant to the Organizer!) 


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